Pino´s is not just an aperitif –
Pino´s is a way of life

Sometimes it can be that simple. Two connoisseurs, who share two passions, meet: the love for the Italian aperitif culture and the claim to highest quality. That’s how Carmen and Neda fared. They understand the aperitif culture as a kind of attitude towards life, a feeling that they like to share with their friends. This feeling, this culture and this tradition should be convenient and easily accessible to everyone. But what if you don’t live in Italy? If everything that‘s available on the market fails to meet the quality requirements? And above all, who has all the ingredients at home and the time to mix them in a rush?

So what could be more natural than bringing the perfect aperitif straight from the bottle into the glass? So the two friends have started to collect traditional recipes and barkeepers tricks and to search for and select the best quality ingredients – naturally from sustainable cultivation. Cause one thing has been clear right from the start: natural or even artificial flavour additives are no option. So it was a matter of tasting, testing, selecting, experimenting, tasting, trying again and tasting again … for months. In cooperation with renowned Austrian winemakers, the drinks that best embodied the lightness of the aperitif culture were finally determined.

The result: a tangy, unique aperitif line in three varieties and at the same time a new attitude to life: Pino’s

The classic one: Pino’s Sprizz, refined according to a traditional Italian recipe of a famous wine-based sparkling drink with premium quality ingredients, the taste of sun-ripened oranges and a light tang of herbs; Pino’s Lime, a fruity sparkling wine-based drink with familiar lime taste modern interpreted and Pino’s Bitter, a completely new taste experience – fine bitter, slightly tart, 100% refreshing.

No aperitif without the corresponding snacks.

Finger food, small delicacies or snacks are part of every perfect aperitif. Pino’s sets the highest quality standards for them too. Selected from the most exquisite regions, for the start, three delicious varieties are available: Pino’s Olives – hand-picked quality of green and black olives from the famous growing regions of Kalamata, Pino’s Crostinis – the well-known appetizer from Northern Italy, refined with olive oil and Rosemary and Pino’s Nuts – a mix of pre-selected nuts with a fine smoky note that makes this snack so unique.

Harmoniously balanced to Pino’s drinks, these snacks are the ideal companions for the ultimate aperitif enjoyment.